• Hungarian Academy Of Sciences

    Our journey begins where our country’s most clever and wise people work. The Academy was founded by Count István Széchenyi after whom the Széchenyi Chain Bridge starting from the square was also named. (more…)

  • St. Stephen’s Basilica

    The first place of interest on our tour is the church named after Hungary’s first King, St. Stephen. In the basilica the mummified right hand, alias the Holy Right Hand of our state-founding King is kept. (more…)

  • Synagogue

    The second sight to see on the RiverRide tour is the Dohány (Tobacco) Street Synagogue which holds 3000 people. Hollywood star, the late Tony Curtis who was of Hungarian descent has made a contribution to its renovation. (more…)

  • Opera House

    On Andrássy Avenue, among the world’s leading fashion brands we can see the Opera House which is where an inn of dubious fame used to be. It was built with permission from Austrian Emperor Franz Josef (more…)

  • Heroes’ Square

    Leaving the Oktogon and Kodály Circus, at the end of Andrássy Avenue we arrive to the Millennium Monument on Heroes’ Square, which was built in the place of a fountain at the time of the Budapest World Exhibition. (more…)

  • Splash

    RiverRide’s amphibous bus provides an interesting experience not only for its passengers but also for onlookers by the banks of the Danube. Many people are attracted to the moment (more…)

  • Chain Bridge

    We turn back at the oldest bridge of the Hungarian reach of the Danube. Probably there isn’t any other bridge in the world that was in danger of desctruction as many times as the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. (more…)

  • Parliament

    After everyone has appreciated the beauty of Margaret Island, listened to interesting facts about the Danube and the RiverRide amphibious bus, leaving Margaret Bridge behind we arrive to the building whose price and number of bedrooms was jokingly (more…)

  • Citadella

    The Citadella does not feature in our official tour, however when we are approaching the Chain Bridge, you can see our number one reserve target from the Danube. (more…)

  • Royal Palace

    While those sitting on the left side of the bus take delight in the Parliament, people sitting on the right won’t be bored either. (more…)