How long is the tour?

The sightseeing tour lasts for approximately 1 hour and 35 minutes. The floating bus spends half of the journey on dry land, the other half in the water.

What languages do the guides speak?

We have live English and German speaking guides on our services, and an audio guide with seven languages (English, German, Hungarian, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Hebrew, Danish, Swedish, Romanian, Ukrainian).


Is there a toilet on the bus?

There is no toilet on the bus, however there is one near the departure/arrival point.

Is the bus confined?

The floating bus is a confined vehicle with heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

Does the floating bus run all year?

The floating bus runs all year except in the cases of flooding, ice drift and very low water level.

Where can tickets be bought?

Tickets can be bought at the office of RiverRide (5th district, No. 1., Akadémia Street) fbetween 9 am and 5 pm. Tickets can also be bought at all times online using the www.riverride.com page.

Can somebody get off the vehicle during the ride?

Since this is a continuous tour, no one can leave the bus during the ride.

Can tickets be used any time?

Gift vouchers are valid for a year after the time of purchase, however it is advised that the owner of the gift voucher reserves his/her place as soon as he/she knows when he/she is going to use it, to make sure that he/she has a place.
Tickets purchased for a specific time can be changed for another time on the day before the journey.

Where can one board the bus?

Departure point of the bus: Budapest, 5th district, No. 7-8, Széchenyi István (formerly Roosevelt) Square, the bus stop in front of the office buliding next to the Four Seasons Hotel.


Do passengers receive life jackets?

Naturally on the bus – according to rules – there are life jackets for every passenger, which don’t have to be worn during the tour.

When should one buy a ticket?

As soon as you are sure about when do you wish to travel, but it is advised that the ticket is bought in our office or online at least one or two days before your chosen departure time.
We do not accept telephone reservations.

When should one arrive at the bus stop?

The bus can be boarded 15 minutes before departure time. If you don’t have a ticket, it is advised to arrive 30 minutes before departure time.

Are there reserved seats?

There are no reserved seats, passengers can take their places in the order of boarding the bus.

When can one board the bus?

The bus can be boarded approximately 15 minutes before departure time.

Can a child sit on an adult’s lap?

Yes, but we provide a separate seat for every person. There are seats for 43 guests.